Real Estate Law

At Payne and Jimenez

You can find help for a wide range of real estate law issues. 

We can assist you in drafting and reviewing lease agreements, purchase and sale contracts, easements, and foreclosure documents. We can also help you prepare transfer on death deeds and other property documents. 

Real Estate Law Consultations

We offer consultations for any real estate matter, where we can discuss your situation and help you to decide what may be best for you. Real estate can be complicated and there are many laws involved. We can help advise you on matters such as property disputes, buying or selling, inheritance of property, commercial or residential properties, and more. Give us a call or contact us to set up an appointment for a consultation!


If your property is being intruded upon by another person, we can help you define your property rights and determine where your property line lies. Encroachment can be something as serious as a fence or home being built on your property, to as minor as a hedge or tree crossing over your property line. We can advise and help you to know what would best suit your situation.


An easement can be served in many areas where properties meet. Negative easements can also be difficult to file or defend. Having a knowledgeable advocate on your side is essential when it comes to handling property. We can offer a consultation and help you know what would be best for your property.

Transfer on Death Deeds

Generally, transfer on death deeds are created as a part of estate planning, but we can help you prepare these documents separately from a will or trust if needed. Sometimes, an individual would like their property to go to someone other than their descendants or spouse. A transfer on death deed can help you transfer a property once a person has passed away, but it must be prepared and signed before their death.

Mr. Jimenez and his team are phenomenal I cannot find the words to express my gratitude for their attention, and professionalism. They are very responsive and attentive to my needs. Nancy, Shanae and Mr. Jimenez just overall the BEST OF THE BESTEST.

- Noemi Aguilar

Trustworthy, Integrity, J. Jimenez is a brilliant attorney!

- E Caldwell

Mr. Jimmenez listened to all I had to say and was able to win our case without having to go to court. I chose Payne and Jimmenez because I felt they really wanted to help me and that they cared about me. Very knowledgeable and caring people.

- Lloyd Bro


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