Estate Planning

Estate planning is a process devoted to protecting an individual’s assets, belongings, and family. 

We value your life’s work and want to preserve your legacy.


Wills and Trusts

A will is a legal document that expresses a person’s wishes for the distribution of their property and belongings after their death. A Trust is similar to a will because it defines how a person’s assets and property will be distributed to whomever they designate, but it is also used to transfer ownership of those assets to a “trust”, a legal entity. Then, those assets can be distributed privately and with specifications that can’t exist in a will.  Not everyone needs a will or a trust, but if you do, we can help you decide which one is right for you and prepare the documents you need.


Child Protection Planning

If you are a parent with young children, you may want to designate guardianship if something were to happen to you. Having this plan in place shows how much you care for your children by providing a guardian and preparing provisions for their financial security as well. This also gives you control over who will become the guardian of your children, rather than letting the court decide.


Special Needs Family Members

Planning for special needs family members can feel overwhelming, especially in terms of care and help after you pass away. If you create a trust, you can make provisions for your special needs family members, including financial aid and direction for their care.


Tax Planning

Inheritance tax, capital gains tax, and estate tax can seem to come out of nowhere after someone passes away. Currently, estate tax is limited to estates over 11 million, but there has been serious discussion in congress of lowering that limit to 3.5 or even 1 million. Many more people fall into this category! We can help you diminish these taxes through estate planning and management so that you can avoid the worry and stress associated with these.

Gifting to Charities or Others

    Maybe you don’t have children or you don’t want to leave an inheritance to them. We can help you to organize your affairs so that your legacy will be left to whoever you choose. We can also help you arrange charitable donations and other stipulations in your estate plan. 

    How it Works

    Our Process


    1. Information Gathering

    ❑Potential Client Name, Address, Phone
    ❑ Potential Client Concerns and Desires
    ❑ Information Worksheet (Homework) Delivery
    ❑ Schedule time for Initial Consultation

    2. Initial Consultation

    ❑ Meeting with Attorney for Client to communicate situation and desire for a plan
    ❑ Attorney to review Information Worksheet, Client desires, and provide options with caution areas to prepare for Design and Drafting
    ❑ Client to decide on plan design options with Attorney consultation
    ❑ Consultation Cost is $100, but would be applied to the cost of the plan to be developed and executed
    ❑ Choose a Plan to provide the best solution and complete retainer agreement

    3. Design and Drafting

    ❑ Based on the Design alignment from the Consultation meeting, the relevant documents are prepared
    ❑ This part of the process can take 1 or 4 weeks depending on the complexity of the plan

    4. Document Signing

    ❑ Attorney meets with Client to provide an overview of the documents
    ❑ Attorney points out key design elements that address Client’s concerns (put your mind at rest, knowing your plan is good)
    ❑ This is not a line-by-line review, but there is a process and time allotted for Clients to fully review.
    ❑ Documents are signed and notarized (Witnesses may be needed at this meeting)

    5. Review and Trust Funding

    ❑ Client has 60 days to review in as much detail as desired (let us know if you need more time)
    ❑ All needed changes are grouped into one revision (includes all
    documents), and resigned/notarized as needed
    ❑ Trust Funding (if required): Clients put home, other property, and financial accounts in the name of the Trust

    Mr. Jimenez and his team are phenomenal I cannot find the words to express my gratitude for their attention, and professionalism. They are very responsive and attentive to my needs. Nancy, Shanae and Mr. Jimenez just overall the BEST OF THE BESTEST.

    - Noemi Aguilar

    Trustworthy, Integrity, J. Jimenez is a brilliant attorney!

    - E Caldwell

    Mr. Jimmenez listened to all I had to say and was able to win our case without having to go to court. I chose Payne and Jimmenez because I felt they really wanted to help me and that they cared about me. Very knowledgeable and caring people.

    - Lloyd Bro


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